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Grey Squiggle

Thursday, 4th December 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

press your browser's refresh button to re-animateA grey morning, and a grey squirrel is finishing off what remains of the crab apples on the golden hornet. It goes to the outermost twigs - it's eaten all that are easy to get at over the past week - and brings the fruits back to nibble on a more comfortable branch.

apples I decide to sketch it as an animated GIF, drawing on sheets torn from an old telephone pad. The paper is thin enough so that I can put one on top of the other on my perspex drawing board, shining a spotlight from behind to act as a lightbox. I repeat the second frame (left, below), the one that links frame 1 and 2, as frame 4 to loop back to the beginning of the sequence again.

squirrel frames

I find a certain magic in animating even the simplest of drawings. This isn't very ambitious but at last I've sussed how Photoshop 7 and ImageReady can be used together to create an animation: it's very controlable, once you realise how it's done so I hope I'll get around to doing some more.

pen toppen

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Richard Bell

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