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Someday I'll get the hang of Walking!

Monday, 19th January 2004
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

me walkingThis is so idiotic I thought you should see it just as it is!

It's the 11 frame colour version of the 6 frame pencil animation I did the other day. As it's more three-dimensional I was so careful when drawing the frames to get the smooth swing of the front (my right) arm. That's fine, I like that.

But there's something wrong with that front (right) leg, isn't there? Keep an eye on it and you'll see that instead of going from front to back as the arm goes back to front it goes halfway then comes forward again.


Someday I'll get the hang of walking. But in the meantime this is a pretty good attempt at moonwalking.

Press your refresh button in the unlikely event that you'd like to re-run this silly walk. It reminds me of the feeling of walking along those moving pavements in Manchester airport. next page

Richard Bell

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