Lendal Bridge

Friday, 22nd October 2004, page 1
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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Lendal BridgeAn early start on Christmas shopping: do we go to out-of-town shopping mall 'A' or out-of-town shopping mall 'B'?

How about York instead?

When you want a break from the shops you can stroll along the medieval walls or walk by the river. Around almost every corner there are glimpses of ancient and very drawable structures, like the Merchant Adventurers' Hall, the Shambles and, of course, the Minster.

You wouldn't get a view like this, of Lendal Bridge with the River Ouse running high between its floodbanks, from the Oasis food hall in the Meadowhall Centre.

I drew this from the Orgasmic riverside café; the waitress tells me they've never been flooded; they don't have cellars so they aren't inundated like the Kings Arms by Ouse Bridge which can be underwater for days at a time.

Designer Pen

pen topStaedtler Mars Professional pen

drawn with the penI know, I know, the whole point of Christmas shopping is to buy stuff for other people, but how could I resist when I spotted this Staedtler Mars Professional in the Art Shop at the end of the Shambles (a half-timbered street of what in medieval times were the city's butchers shops)? It's a fibre tip pen that comes in 5 nib widths and takes cartridges of a waterproof ink. I decided to try out the .35 which is right in the middle of the range. It was a winner of a Design Plus award: it's the sort of pen that James Bond would use if he ever got the chance to compile a drawing journal of his travels around the world.

The drawing of Lendal Bridge was the first I did with it.

I like it; I've put the other nib sizes on my Christmas list . . . Next Page

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