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Saturday, 14th February 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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rabbitIt hops in from the field, then hops out again. It doesn't stay long but it would have been long enough to clear row of seedlings, had it been here a month or two later. I'm going to have to incorporate protection from rabbits into my plans for the vegetable garden.

robins Robins are getting together - there are two on the ground feeder this morning and, unlike on previous occasions, they seemed to be getting along fine: they don't spend their time chasing each other off. Tradition has it that birds pair on Valentine's day.

I haven't quite got the hang of these cute confections, have I?!

carrot ponyA neighbour had a pony find its way into his back garden. It was the black and white one; the new arrival that gets bullied by the two resident ponies. Getting it out again was a problem until our neighbour thought of bribing it with a carrot. The pony immediately followed him back into the field.

greenfinchUnusual but thoroughly welcome visitors: three greenfinches perch on the hedge. One, a bright, fresh-looking male, tentatively flies to the nut feeder.

The peanut feeder hasn't been as popular as the seed feeders this winter but earlier this week a grey squirrel tried to make off with it. We'd wired the feeder in place but it managed to detach it and was setting about finding a way into it when we spotted it.

a bigger houseour houseOh well; back to rubbing down doors with steel wool . . . next page
Richard Bell,

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