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Friday, 6th February 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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Village Walks


Finished at last: the revisions I've made to my Village Walks in West Yorkshire. My copy is looking as battered and crumpled as I am after the 20 walks, totalling 84 miles, made in all weathers up and down the county.


pencilHighlights have included our first view of a red kite, wheeling over a pasture near Harewood House north of Leeds, a dramatic hailstorm when we walked into Heptonstall village and a fox making it's way over an open field near Bramham.

For all but the last walk, in continuous rain at Adel on Wednesday, I used a pencil, which I tied to a string and kept hanging round my neck, to make my notes. As the string was a few inches too short my notes were often almost illegible.

For the final walk I took a talkbook and recorded the alterations, as I did when compiling the book 6 or 7 years ago. next page

Richard Bell,

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