Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Tuesday, 18th January 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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wood pigeonrampA wood pigeon on the feeder is as grey as the day's cloud. It's a wet, snowy morning, a cold dark afternoon. Work continues in the field by Coxley Beck and already there's a ramp leading down the embankment. Another patch of country gone for ever.

'My Yorkshire'

Dewsbury marketRichard and IanOn this evening's programme in Yorkshire Television's My Yorkshire series, filmed last summer, Coxley Valley looks beautiful; with dappled sunlight in leafy glades, such a contrast today. Barbara and I think that I look more relaxed drawing in my natural habitat by the stream than I do in the sequence of Danny Gregory and I drawing in a bustling Dewsbury Market.

In another sequence the presenter, Ian Clayton, and I take the 127 bus from Horbury to Dewsbury via Chickenley, with me drawing the passengers as we go. It makes for a lively film.

Danny It's good to see Danny in action; a reminder of his brief stay with us and a record of his relaxed energy when he's drawing, and of his disarmingly dry humour.

I'm impressed with the way the cameraman, another Richard, has caught the atmosphere of Coxley. In one sequence, while I'm rambling on about the mystery of the tumbled old crack willows that I'm drawing, Richard's camera-work perfectly illustrates what I'm trying to say. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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