Early Birds

Friday, 16th December 2005

heronAll those bird feeders and ponds in local gardens don't go unnoticed by the neighbourhood predators: at breakfast-time, a heron flies low over the roof tops. It may be on its way to one of the nearby streams but it's also likely to check out a garden pond if the coast is clear.

sparrowhawkThe sparrowhawk makes an early visit to our back garden, perching first on the shepherd's crook feeder, then on the niger seed feeder. The goldfinches meanwhile have escaped to cover. I must keep the bird bath clear and ice-free because it would be great if the sparrowhawk was to start using it.

This is the sparrowhawk that visited several times over the last few weeks; we can tell because it has one feather sticking out on its right wing. It has a cinnamon cast to its horizontally barred chest.

nuthatchLater in the day we see the two nuthatches together again feeding on the sunflower hearts on the tray.

Via Voice

readingA new program arrives and I can't wait to get it loaded and try it out: the IBM Via Voice, voice recognition software works well for me. There's something relaxing about sitting at the computer watching your words appear on screen without having to hammer away at the keyboard. Part of the voice analysis set up is to read the opening pages from Alice in Wonderland.

Hope it won't start wanting a story every night now. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk