The Driftwood of our Day

Thursday, 30th December 2005

moorhensIt's at that halfway stage between freeze and thaw: there's ragged snow on the tired-looking grass on the lawn. In patches on the pavement there are thin layers of grey slush.

It's strange to see the pond unfrozen again when the weather still feels so raw but lying beneath the surface is an unmelted slab of lumpy ice, as if the frost is just slumbering for a while, down there in its water-bed, amongst the pondweeds.

iceEverything seems so drab and damp - road, pavement and vehicles - and the wintry river's main purpose in life seems to be as a conduit for rubbish. A moorhen swims and pecks amongst the driftwood of our day.

siskinAt the bird feeders, things are brighter with siskin, chaffinch and nuthatch joining the goldfinches at the feeders. Next Page

Richard Bell,