Coffee and Tea

Wednesday, 16th February 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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coffee at M and SAnother day of errands but at least that means we can take a coffee break in town. A poster in Café Revive points out that Marks and Spencer guarantee fair terms for the producers of their Fairtrade Organic Coffee (left) so I guess I'm doing my bit for the planet when I order a large mocha.

teapotThese drawings are made with my new pen, the Rapidoliner with the 0.7 mm nib which, as I've said before, gives an inky look to the drawing, similar to a fountain pen but which has the advantage of being waterproof as soon as the ink dries. I've added a watercolour wash to the coffee jars.

sliced bread
Sliced bread

three pheasants
Female pheasants

The tea pot (above right) is at the fish and chip restaurant in Ossett as is the slice of bread (the waitress whisked away the bread basket before I'd finished the drawing) and the brass-topped newel posts and railings.

This isn't much to show for a day in the life of a wildlife illustrator but at least I've got some practice in today between errands.

Hen Party

I didn't mention yesterday that we had five female pheasants in the garden. There was a bit of pecking order being sorted out at the seed hopper but then went back down the garden, strolling along as if they owned the place, like pheasants do, and three of them sat on my little bench in the corner.

It occurs to me that recently the birds have used the bench more than I have; it's this bench that I've seen sparrowhawks perching on a couple of times recently.

The four goldfinches were back again yesterday, though we saw only one this morning. Next Page


Richard Bell,

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