Making a Splash

Saturday, 19th February 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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We've never had such good results with bird feeders. At breakfast-time I looked out and there were seven species around the feeder:


a goldfinch on the niger seed feeder

a wood pigeon on the tray

a pheasant below

a chaffinch pecking by it


a robin

a starling

and the usual sparrows

starling preeningBath Time

This afternoon, at 3, a starling (left, preening) becomes the first bird we've seen using the bird bath. It was a Christmas present from Jill (the Jill who called on Tuesday with Tessa) so it's been in place on the patio almost two months. A song thrush was the first to land on it. Robin, blue tit and starling have taken a sip from it but, until now, birds have stuck to bathing in our garden pond.

blackbird bathingIt's a part of the sparrows' routine to bathe together in twos and threes at the corner of the pond. The blackbird (right) is also an enthusiastic bather.

Sparrows learn fast and I notice one of them taking a close interest in the starling's vigorous bathing routine. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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