Straw Hats and Celandines

Wednesday, 16th March 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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lesser celandinetufted ducksAnother riverside walk into Leeds and we see a couple of species we didn't spot last time: a pair of tufted ducks on the river by the derelict mill and a moorhen crossing the river, flicking its tail peevishly, by the burnt out stock car track.

coltsfootstraw hatsSince last week celandine (above, left) has come out; it's the first I've seen this spring. Coltsfoot (left) and dandelion are in flower too.

In Leeds the swimming costumes, sarongs and straw hats are out in M & S.

The Music of the Wind

After Liz Salter, 'Making Music of the Wind'After sketching with her for a couple of days in Wakefield, it's interesting to see Liz Salter's paintings at the Art Library in Leeds, in a joint show with Linda Stanley. The artists also show a selection of their sketchbooks of travels in hill country. They write:

Each walk will be different, each visit something will catch the eye; it could be a line of hills, a cloud formation, the way the light touches a field or lichen patterns on rock.

As I said yesterday, Liz trained, and for a while worked, as a set designer and her hill country seems to be the setting for a drama that might be unfolding; perhaps a musical drama as this mixed media landscape in reds, greens and blue grey has the title Making Music of the Wind. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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