Pool of Light

Tuesday, 29th March 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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heronheronIt's getting dark and, out of the front window, I catch sight of a heron flying low over the road, gradually climbing up amongst the garden walls and parked cars. What was it doing there? There isn't a pond in any of the front gardens.

heron heronI guess that it's the new street lights. Perhaps, as it flew over in the twilight, the reflection of the new bright light on the damp, shiny tarmac beneath was enough to convince it that this could be a pond which was worth checking out.


heron'I've never known them take frogs,' says Jack, who has a pond in his back garden across the road, 'but they've cleared my pond of fish on several occasions'.

Jack asks me if there might be anyone who would take some frogspawn for their pond - his small pond is overloaded with clumps of spawn. About 15 years ago the local countryside service ran a 'hop-line' so that surplus spawn could be transferred to ponds that were in need of a frog population.

Unfortunately the red frog disease spread soon after that so, as a precaution, it was recommended that spawn shouldn't be transferred from one pond to another. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk

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