Plants by the Pond

Sunday, 24th April 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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blackthorn blossom at the edge of the wood
Blackthorn is in blossom but the ash isn't in leaf yet.

Back garden, 2.45 p.m., 17°C, clear sky

A perfect afternoon to sit by the pond chatting with a friend. Well, Barbara is doing most of the chatting: I can't resist drawing the fresh looking flowers around me:

Periwinkle has spread through the hawthorn hedge.



Kingcups have started to flower in the corner of the pond.

frogThere are a few frogs sitting about in the pond but the croaking and jostling of spawning time is long over.

I know they're weeds but these dandelions are looking good in the longer grass by the pond at the end of the lawn. Next Page


Richard Bell,

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