Loneliness is Rotting on a Bookrack

Thursday, 19th May 2005

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booksWhen I went up into the attic to look for a book yesterday I didn't find the one I was after (there it was on a shelf downstairs) but, as I opened boxes and scanned shelves, these seven volumes were saying to me 'Read me, read me!'. I brought them back down with me.

A friend was saying recently that their house is so full of books she is going to make her husband take some to the charity shop or the bookshop.

'There are some he hasn't read for 20 years!', she moaned.

Most of these I haven't read for 20 years and there are two I have yet to read at all but I'm glad that I kept them. I'd like to read - or at least dip into them - again soon.

B.C. Johnny Hart

Loneliness is Rotting on a Bookrack, Johnny Hart, 1979

The B.C. comic strip from 1972 - 73.

King, Johnny Hart

The Peasants Are Revolting, Brant Parker and Johnny Hart, 1979 Wizard of Id strips of the same vintage.

Acorn, Islay Manley

Field and Forest, Islay Manley, 1955 Yes, I could find a more up-to-date 'introduction to the lives of plants' but this book, illustrated by the author, has a delightfully relaxed, nostalgic look to it.


The Reader's Digest Junior Treasury,1960

A Christmas present that I received aged 9. I was convinced that, if I could find all the 'odds and ends', I too would be able to construct the working telephone and the model motor boat, but the feature that made a lasting impression on me was Be A Back-Garden Explorer by American naturalist Edwin Way Teale. I'm still a Back-Garden Explorer.

Autumn, Teale

Autumn Journey, Edwin Way Teale, 1956 The Pulitzer Prize-winning naturalist's coast to coast journey across the northern states.

Looking, Berger

About Looking, John Berger, 1980 Essays from the politically aware art critic on Turner, Courbet, La Tour, animals, zoos and a field.

Questions, Graves

Difficult Questions, Easy Answers, Robert Graves, 1972

As a student I read everything I could find by Graves.

'Every now and then, since 1931,' he writes in the Foreword, 'I have published random collections of my shorter prose pieces with or without verse additions. It is likely enough that this will be my last.'

It will take me some time to catch up on that lot but the two slim paperbacks at top of the pile are going to go with me to Norfolk tomorrow as light holiday reading. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk

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