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Wednesday, 4th May 2005, page 1 of 2

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lanemapWe've got the right boots, we've got the maps, the clothing, but if we don't get out and walk there's not much point in all that!

Last year, between holidays, we found ourselves in such a rush that we missed out on regular walks back here at home. This year we're determined to have a life between all the work and part of that is to feel the freedom of being able to get out on a walk. We set off on what, at one time, was our 'regular' longer walk, to Thornhill via Smithy Brook and back via the canal.

Concerto for Pedometer

pedometerTalking of walking gear, it's about time I used my pedometer. It's one of those cunning devices that not only counts the paces, estimates the distance and tells the time but it also plays music while you walk; Für Elise, in a truly awful tinkly electronic version.

  1. As you start walking it's sedate and relaxed.

  2. Get into your stride and it ups the tempo.

  3. Whaahey! Now we're really flying along: Beethoven's 8th has a movement inspired by his friend Mälzel's invention of the metronome so I'm sure he'd be delighted that his music has been adapted for pedometer!

Beethoven ups the tempo

chiff-chaff path
A chiff-chaff sings at the top of the Millbank path and another at the bottom. We used to call this the 'Chiff-chaff Path'; one summer we heard them every time we walked it.

Music for Sore Feet

Luckily there's an option to switch the wretched music off but when we get to the bench in Thornhill Rectory I press the 'talk' button:

'You have walked four thousand four hundred and five steps,' says a voice modelled on the Starship Entreprise computer, 'a distance of two point six miles.'

Considering I'd guessed my stride at 36 inches I think that sounds like a good guess. Unfortunately the clip holding the pedometer to the top of my jeans isn't very secure and it springs off as we continue along the park's bluebell walk, clunks against the ground or my boot and that's it; defunct after 4,400 paces. Drat. Next Page


Haowell PedometersHaowell'How are you!' writes Fulton, from Haowell Electronics, Shenzhen, China, 'We are pleased to get to know that you are presently on the market for the new pedometer . . .'

Haowell produce no fewer than 16 models of pedometer . . . but do they play Für Elise?!

Hoawell are based in Mingzhi village, Longhua in the Baoan District of Shezhen.


Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk

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