Total Cover

Saturday, 11th June 2005

vegetable garden clocherabbitThere's no point in planting out bean plants with rabbits making frequent visits to the garden. I make a net covering for the vegetable bed at the end of the garden, making hoops from 20 mm (¾ inch) alkathene water pipe which is available from a local DIY store at £12 for 25 metres, so I've got enough left to cover another couple of beds. As the hoops are 7 feet long to arch over the 10 ft x 4ft beds, I use fruit netting which is available off the roll at 2 metres wide (sorry to keep jumping from metric to imperial!).

toad Turning the Heap

antWhile I'm turning the compost heap I disturb a toad, which crawls back grumpily into the bottom corner of the bin, and an nest of ants, which run around in panic collecting their white, rice grain-sized, cocoons. Next Page

Richard Bell,