An Evening Watering

Friday, 2nd September 2005

garden snailpipistrelleIt's been a warm day so as the sun sets I walk around next door to water the plants on the patio for our neighbours who are away.


Unfortunately this is just the time of day that a garden snail has chosen to come out onto the path at the side of their house.

As I water the plants I'm pleased to see a pipistrelle circling over the back gardens in the early dusk.

garden snailBack in our garden I'm filling a watering can to water in the greenhouse and I notice there's a garden snail clinging to the inside of the rim of the can. I'm not so hard-hearted that I deliberately crunch snails; this one gets relocated, chucked over the hedge into the long grass at the edge of the meadow.

No doubt it's making slow progress back towards our garden right now! Next Page

Richard Bell,