Bramble and Sedge

Sunday, 4th September 2005

sedge and bramble

I drew the pendulous sedge and bramble by the pond in line but the all over maze of lines turned out to be too complicated to be readable as foliage so I hatched in areas of shading.

There are a few periwinkle stems in the shade in the bottom left and spikey leaves of yellow flag iris coming in from the right.

Bees are visiting the sumack flowers in next door's garden, sparrows are chirping in the hedge behind me and, hovering around me, are a few small midge-like flies.

Hope I don't get bitten.


I had three goes at drawing my foot before I got it in anything like the right proportions. I do have a long foot so this isn't as out of proportion as it might look. Finding my way around the toes wasn't too difficult, provided I spent enough time on it but the long shape of the foot had few definite points of reference for me to latch onto. Putting in hairs, shading and the remnants of sunburn through sandles helped break up the area, as did including the cushion on the settee that I was resting my foot on. Next Page


Richard Bell,