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Saturday, 9th November, 2006

collared dovecollared doveBreakfast-time: There's a thud at the patio window. Two collared doves have been chasing each other around the bird feeders and one has hit the window leaving a whitish powdery impression of breast and wings. A collared dove equivalent of a sand angel.

I hope the outspread wings and soft breast feathers cushioned it in the impact. If flew off so presumably it was OK.

Cresty the Sparrowhawk

sparrowhawkA regular visitor to the bird table is a sparrowhawk, which yesterday came at 8.30 a.m. and again later in the day (& no doubt it has been dropping in regularly when we haven't been around to see it).

It has rusty patches on the sides of it's breast so we assume it's a male, possibly a young male.

It has another distinguishing feature; a little stub of feathers sticking up in the middle of its head, something you don't see in the bird books, so we know this is the same individual returning again and again.

sparrowhawkIt sits on the bird feeder and looks down into the corner of the patio and we've twice seen it hop down onto the little bed between patio and hedge and search about.

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