Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Little Lost Sketchbook

Monday, 11th December, 2006
IT'S AN AWFUL FEELING when you lose a sketchbook, even a small one that you've only just started. It's as if a bit of your life has gone. Three years ago I made this pocket booklet by stapling together a few sheets of copier paper. The summer of 2003 was an unsettled period; I seemed to have lots of errands to run, so I'd pop this in my pocket.

Then it disappeared.

I asked at the garden centre café where I remembered sketching a potted palm and at the hospital reception where I'd sat drawing as I waited for my mum. It was worth trying but no one had seen it.

emperorIt was so frustrating because I needed a sketch from it that I'd made on a Wakefield Naturalists' outing to Stocksmoor Common nature reserve (above) for a diary page. And I remembered a drawing I'd done of an old whale jawbone arch out at Rothwell. I wasn't going to be there again in a hurry. What else was in there?

palm frondSketchy Memories

whale jawbonesA few weeks ago Barbara was looking for a carrier bag to put a gift in. Looking in a bag of them that hangs in the back of the garage she found a suitable brown paper carrier and folded in the bottom, so you wouldn't easily notice it, was my sketchbook.

Palms, jawbones and an emperor dragonfly.

It's great to get them back.