Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Towards the Light

High Street, HorburylightTuesday, 19th December, 2006
hawthornA BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT in the darkness.

A tall blond figure tells me: 'Look towards the light,' then 'Look up now.'

It's very much the way people describe an out of the body experience.

My eye test was due again and I'm glad that there's no deterioration; my short sight is about the same so I don't need new reading glasses, my long sight could be very marginally improved with glasses but it's not causing me any problems, for instance when driving.

reading glassesI'm aware though, when I'm out birdwatching for instance, that some people seem to have sharper vision for the detail. It would be great to have glasses that would give me perfect vision when it comes to distant ducks and birds flitting around in the treetops.