Wild Cherry

Tuesday, 4th April 2006

cherry stump

I go back to finish a bamboo pen drawing of an old wild cherry that I started yesterday but gave up when I was lashed by hail. It's a better afternoon for drawing; still cool but, with about five layers on, and a fingerless glove on my right hand, I can cope with that.


There are hosepipe bans in the offing elsewhere in England but Ladybower reservoir is full to overflowing, so Severn Trent Water customers shouldn't be on standpipes for a while yet. I tried to draw this overflow a month or two ago, before the water levels had risen, but I didn't get far with it; it proved such a regular, mechanical kind of subject, so not really what interests me.

It's more dramatic today, like a Hokusai whirlpool, but it's still too much of a spectacle to express the way I feel about the Peak District. The familiar, organic look of the old tree (left) is more what I'm after.

I'd taken the camera to take some macro-shots of the liverworts and mosses in case I need to consult a botanist to identify them but I stuck to field sketches, drawn with the aid of my reading glasses and where necessary a hand lens.

But I couldn't resist taking out my camera as I walked past the overflow this morning. Next Page

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