Twig and Leaf

Saturday, 9th September, 2006


Leaf by Janet Baker
Sallow leaf drawn by Janet Baker

Leaf Prints

leaf prints Janet BakerWhen we were out drawing at the colliery nature trail, I asked people to choose just one natural object to take back to the workshop to draw, take rubbings from or, as Janet Baker did here, to make prints from.




leaf stem from

I picked up a leafy twig of sallow (also known as goat willow) to draw. I broke off the stem and dipped the tip of it in ink to make the drawing. I've experimented with bamboo pens and reed pens while working on High Peak Drifter and I found this springy twig just as interesting to draw with.

Lettering, from notes we'd written during a few minutes of silence at the nature trail, written with the willow stem.

Bark Rubbing

This bark rubbing, was made on the trail by rubbing 80 gsm copier paper with a candle. Back at the workshop, I painted a wash of Indian ink over it to reveal the pattern.


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