Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Bird Strike

Friday, 5th January, 2007
THERE'S A SUDDEN bang at the patio window. A goldfinch drops to the ground, stunned by the impact.

It's strange because a moment before I was looking at the birds on the feeders thinking that I should try and track down some of those hawk silhouettes that are reflective on one side and transparent on the other. Wonder if that would have made any difference with this bird that hurtled at the window so emphatically.

goldfinchesIt's a cool, grey, breezy afternoon and there are spots of rain in the wind. I don't know whether this bird has suffered internal injuries but at least it is still sitting there on the patio with its eyes open.

I finish my lunch quickly to go and find a cardboard box. I put some slightly scrunched up paper towel in the bottom.

goldfinchI open the patio door and lean out and pick up the casualty and put it in the box. The darkness in the box should calm it and the gentle warmth indoors will be better for it than the damp chill of the patio. It keeps it out of range of the local sparrowhawk too.

An hour later we peep in the box and it seems to be OK. Out on the patio we take the lid off and the goldfinch flies off.