Not Waving


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Friday, 12th October, 2007

Queen StreetWagon RWHAT A WEEK it’s been; here I am in the waiting room a swelling on my index finger (luckily not my drawing hand!) and the car is going to have to go back to the garage for the second time in a week because yesterday, as I turned the ignition to set off back from Wellfield Quarry, smoke started rising from the hazard light switch!

It’s so long since I used hand signals that I had to go online and look at the Highway Code to refresh my memory but the first time that I signalled left – by waving my right arm in a small circle – the man coming the other way over Horbury Bridge thought that I was waving at him!

Dummy Book

storyboardTrying not to lose contact with my work, I start a little storyboard of my 64 page drawing booklet as I wait to see the doctor but I decide later to use the dummy book I’ve made from thin cartridge paper as my rough. When you’re doing a storyboard you tend to think in terms of sequences, as in a movie, but when I’m working on the dummy I realise that page after page on one subject is too much and that I need to intersperse the ‘how to’ sections with some double-page spreads of artwork to add an element of surprise.