Back Roads


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Monday, 22nd October, 2007

WE’RE ON OUR WAY to East Ardsley, but, rather than zip up one junction of the motorway, we take the back roads through New Park, Low Laithes and Kirkhamgate.

parkditchThe New Park was the deer park of the medieval lords of the manor of Wakefield. The Old Park lay to the east of the city. Palings on an earthen bank surrounded the park, a fact remembered in the place name Paleside, an outlying district of the township of Ossett. You can still find stretches of the ditch and bank (right) that enclosed the park.

Low LaithesLow Laithes golf club have their headquarters in a building that, beneath its outer layers, is constructed from timber. It dates from 1550.

Lindale Hill, overlooking the motorway at Kirkhamgate, was once enclosed and protected as a rabbit warren.

Prophet WroeThe design of Melbourne House, near Carr Gate, is said to have been inspired by Melbourne town hall. It was built for ‘Prophet’ John Wroe (1782-1863) of the Christian Israelite Church.

deerLawns village, a little further north along the motorway corridor, gets its name because it was originally a clearing at the edge of a wooded area – Wakefield’s Outwood.