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Drawing with a Calligraphy ArtPen

Art Pen CalligraphySunday, 11th February, 2007
I’M TRYING OUT two new Rotring ArtPens. The ArtPen, Rotring says, ‘combines the balance and nib shape of the quill pen with the convenience of a modern fountain pen, for easy, aesthetic writing.’

Capitals Quadrata
Lettering Capitals

I try out the Calligraphy 1.1 mm nib on the Renaissance Italics

and Capitals Quadrata alphabets shown on the leaflet supplied with the pen.

These capitals were drawn with the second pen, which has a Lettering nib, size M. It doesn’t produce the thicks & thins of the calligraphy nib.


Which of these nibs do I prefer for drawing?

The varying width of the line drawn with the calligraphy nib seems to give the drawing more energy: . . .

a springiness which would lend itself to organic subjects or fantasy . . .

while lettering nib gives a clear, consistent line which suggests to me prosaic subjects (or perhaps fantastical subjects treated in a prosaic way).

sparrowsThe lettering nib flows more easily than the calligraphy nib on the acid-free cartridge paper of my Pink Pig sketchbook but both flow more easily on the smooth writing paper of my diary.Art Pen Lettering M

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