Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Down Time

Thursday, 15th March, 2007
straw hatspigeonWE’VE JUST HAD several weeks that seem to have gone by in errands that need running, major jobs on the house and the car and on top of that I set myself a two week deadline to complete my Walks around Newmillerdam, which not surprisingly I didn’t manage.

Then on Tuesdaycar we had a puncture just as we were setting off to take Barbara’s mum off to a hospital appointment and on Wednesday, thanks to a glitch on a CD-ROM someone had given me to look at, I had my computer crash and my scanner go mysteriously offline.

grey pigeonAs I result of this I ended up with persistent niggling headaches, I felt increasingly tense and, when I saw a shocking piece of damage to a favourite local patch of habitat I felt myself getting upset and rather depressed.

Something’s got to give so today Barbara and I made a special effort to get back to normal. Time to start living life in a less stressful way:

One day at a time . . .

diarypageBecause I’ve been so busy, I’ve been putting off writing this diary until I had time, then having a session and catching up on a week or two all at one go. I like the indulgence of doing a whole wad of pages all at once but it is a diary so it would be more satisfactory to spend half an hour each day on it, rather than having a 3 or 4 hours session at the end of the week.