Bins & Barrows


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Wednesday, 12th September, 2007


YOU CAN SEE that I should be rebuilding these compost bins with the timber that I begged from my neighbour, but I realised that it was about time that I gave myself an hour or so to draw, rather than start the next task.

sandpiper?As I wrote that in my sketchbook, I heard a single heard a single piping note, what old bird books might have described as a ‘plaintive piping’, and this was repeated every second or two, giving the impression that the bird was peeved, upset and complaining about something. It flew directly over my head in a straight line at about 60 feet.

It was brownish with no obvious marking and about the size of a blackbird. I couldn’t make out the shape of the bill.

A sandpiper?


Rough PatchI've drawn our wheelbarrows on a number of occasions and the older of the two appears on the cover of Rough Patch but today I had my first ever enquiry relating to them, from a 'Telly Business consultant' in Bamenda, in the north west highlands of Cameroon, a place which I know only through the books (The Overloaded Ark, The Bafut Beagles and A Zoo in my Luggage) and television films of Gerald Durrell.


I am looking for a supplier/manufacturer of good quality of wheel barrows. who can handle good quality of 30,000 wheel barrows. If your esteemed company can handle this let me know.


It's a shame that I have just the two available.