Ghost Cat


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Thursday, 27th September, 2007

black catA BLACK CAT crouches on the path by the shed to lap water from our pond and it keeps lapping continuously for minutes. It's sleek and glossy but I can't help thinking that it might be ill if it's so thirsty. I mention this to a cat owner down the road and she tells me that no, her cat also often prefers to drink from the pond and in quite large quantities.

bookplugShe tells me of the mysterious 'Ghost Cat' which occasionally puts in an appearance in their garden. It's the polar opposite to our sleek black visitor; an enormous, fluffy white cat that has a habit, after dark, of staring in through the patio windows. Its spooky presence gives you quite a shock when you suddenly become aware of its spooky presence looking in at you.

I'm continuing with my pen and ink and wash drawings. I think this is the way I might illustrate my Sherlock booklet, instead of reproducing the period illustrations by Sidney Paget and others