The Horse in the Grubby Blanket

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Tuesday, 8th April, 2008

coltsfootI LOVE TO SEE coltsfoot (left) in the spring, especially when it isn't running rampant over one of the veg beds. These two flowers are by the compost anemonebins and there are a few dotted over my small meadow area and behind the pond but I feel that this year I am in control of it.

I think I remember buying this plant (right) at a plant stall. It's a purplish-blue version of the regular wood anemone which grows in the local wood.


Three empty brown-lipped snail shells lie on the concrete path by the greenhouse. There's been a song thrush around so perhaps that was what smashed the broken one.


Three occasionally boisterous amigoes are back in the meadow beyond the end of our garden. It's the one in the dirtiest horse blanket (right) who seems to be a bit of a bully, stirring the other two up occasionally for no apparent reason than to show who's top pony.