Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Thursday, 1st January 2009


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Pink Pig Sketchbook

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Seed-heads and oak leaf from the back garden
flat-leaved parsley

Amongst our Christmas gifts was the inspiring Allotment Seasonal Planner by Andi Clevely and the January issue of Grow Your Own magazine.


I can’t wait to get started - on the gardening and the drawing (at least I’ve made a start with the latter).

A ROCKET plummeted to earth in our back garden during last night’s celebrations. I’m celebrating in a less spectacular way: on Tuesday we popped over to Denby Dale Stationers at Springfield Mill where I bought this Pink Pig A5 (that’s about 8 x 6 inches) landscape sketchbook, a format I’ve hardly ever used before; I usually go for portrait. I checked at the stationers and it fits snugly in my favourite art bag (the one that appears in Drawing on Reserves).


I’d like to get back to doing a drawing a day, preferably of natural history & landscape, and, after a spell of black and white, I feel the need for colour again (I even picked the most colourful of the Pink Pig sketchbook covers).


As well as the odd sky rocket, we’ve got pots of rocket, mitzuna and flat-leaved parsley (below, right) in the garden. I’m afraid the 100 dpi scan on this web page doesn’t capture the ‘extra fine’  line of the ‘EF’ sketch nib of my Rotring ArtPen used here with Noodler’s ink.