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Drawn to the Past

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Sunday,  6th December 2009

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Battle of Boroughbridge

FOR SOMEONE like me who is forever wading through picture files on his computer, Windows 7 is a delight, especially on my new computer, a Dell Studio XPS with as much memory and as powerful a graphics card as I could justify within my budget.


So apologies for the break in diary pages; it always takes a week or so for me to transfer data from one computer to the next, phone a friend - Johnathan - for those baffling essentials of getting my e-mail and my printer working as they should. And of course I then have to test out the possibilities of the new machine by trying out various programs . . . such as Microsoft Flight Simulator!


The Robin Hood booklet really is taking shape and, instead of going for the clear simple pen outlines and flat computer colouring of my Rhubarb booklet, which gives a light, breezy feel to the book, I feel I need to go back to scratchy pen and the more organic look of watercolour for my historical comic strips, which include battle scenes, a medieval town and of course the greenwood.

Rhubarb book