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Rhubarb . . . Rhubarb . . . Rhubarb

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Monday,  23rd  March 2009

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EVERYBODY’S TALKING about it! (‘Rhubarb . . . Rhubarb . . . Rhubarb’ is proverbially what extras are supposed to say to produce a background hum of conversation).


It’s four weeks today since we launched Walks in the Rhubarb Triangle at Wakefield’s Rhubarb Festival and totting it up today we find it’s been our most successful launch since we started Willow Island Editions, with over 500 copies sold. The shoppers above were sketched yesterday lunchtime as I did the last of my promotional events, signing copies of the book at Armitage’s Pennine Garden Centre, offering shoppers tasters of Barbara’s Rhubarb Triangles (flapjack) while the Triangles and Barbara’s recipe for Rhubarb Bread & Butter Pudding were being served in the Café 1842.

hot cross buns

As yesterday was Mother’s Day, we called on both the mums after our sell-out signing session (luckily we’d brought more copies in the boot of the car) for tea and hot cross buns. I always prefer mine toasted - it brings out the spicy flavour (cinnamon?).

The tortoise and the rabbit raced;
You know the tortoise won -
And Mr Rabbit came in last;
A little hot, cross bun.

Children’s rhyme from my childhood. Can’t find it on Google, perhaps my sister made it up herself?