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Travels with a Tent

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Wednesday,  15th July 2009

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searching for the Smeatons

ONE DAY Kirk Smeaton and Little Smeaton are nestling - as all the best villages should - in the dip at the far end of Brockadale , the next, as I try a different approach, they’ve spread out onto the plain beyond and I’m starting to think I’ve arrived at a different set of twin villages altogether but with the main road into Wentbridge blocked I’ve got to try to find an alternative route.


Showers, potentially heavy showers, were going to be a problem today but I saw it as a good opportunity to test out my pop-up shelter (now that I’ve at last learnt how to pop it back down again!).

Yes, I did get a few indulgent smiles from the dog walkers, not to mention a few barks from confused dogs, but my mini-hide worked well as I drew a view of Brockadale Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Reserve. There was a light shower every hour and at lunch time the rain came down so heavily that at first I zipped up the door and continued drawing through the little window. When it got too heavy even for that, I zipped up the window and took a lunch break.

pop-up shelter

Ray Mears’ survival sandwich

Lunch; honey, banana and peanut butter sandwich, which I think I first heard recommended survival expert Ray Mears as his favourite sandwich when he’s out for a day’s fellwalking. Also good for nature journalers working on location on a rainy day.

the view from the tent