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Five Minutes

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Tuesday,  1st September 2009

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ash tree

I’VE BEEN busy writing the text to the pages of drawings I’ve been doing over the past 3 months but I find that I get stuck with certain pages, for instance this week a page that took about 6 hours to draw has taken, what, it seems like 18 hours to write up.


There isn’t that much text, the drawings are the main thing but like the drawings it should be in my own tone of voice, it shouldn’t read like an encyclopaedia, and it should relate in an unforced way to what I experienced on the day.


So I’m feeling frustrated that with drawing on location as my main theme I’m having to spend so much time in research and graphic design here at my desk.


Surely I can fit in a five minute drawing, I thought.


So I did. Just an ash tree seen from the back bedroom window as my studio window was streaked with rain. But better than nothing.