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Wild West Yorkshire, Tuesday 5 October 2010

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sparrowsI'VE SPOTTED this cat a couple of times on my walk to meet Barbara after work; it's found the perfect position to sit in a corner and soak up the warmth of the late afternoon sun in a basement conservatory of an end-terrace house at Horbury Bridge. If I was reincarnated as a cat, that's where I'd head for too.

These house sparrows (right) have gathered in their regular cat-proof meeting place in the top of a large, dense, well-clipped garden hedge. They can soon bob down to dodge a sparrowhawk and, so near a busy road, they pay no attention to me as I walk past just a few feet from them. I like sparrows; they're so sociable and I wonder what they find to chirp about; presumably it's something to do with the social dynamics of the group - an on-going sparrow soap-opera.

leafleafAs Barbara and I walk home, the little boy perched like a gargoyle practicing yoga on the square flagstone top of one of the gateposts of his house finds himself in a much less defensible position. The man who lives nearby and keeps koi carp in a back garden tank beck is striding up past him and he doesn't look happy; he's smouldering with barely controlled indignation.

'Since I got home from work, you've knocked on my door four times.'

'But somebody made me do it.' the boy pleads unconvincingly.

'I've had enough of it and I'm going to tell your parents now.' says the man as he stomps up the driveway to the front door.

Richard Bell, illustrator

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