Bat Flight

GIF Animation Workshop, part 1/2.

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house martin THERE'S a certain magic about seeing a simple sketch take on life of its own.

bat animation House Martins circling over the rooftops against a grey sky inspired me to try an animated sketch. But I decided that, because of the limitations of simple animation, the fluttering flight of a bat would be a more suitable subject than the smooth, flowing flight of the House Martin.

It's a good idea to study the movements of the animal you're trying to portray. I've often watched bats on summer evenings. They seem to be able to change direction in flight more easily than birds. They often circle over a garden, a pond or in a clearing amongst the trees.

Here are some sketches from my nature diary, drawn shortly after watching bats in flight.

noctule batpipistrellecircling pipistrellebat in woodland clearing

Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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