City sunset

Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Friday 4th December, 1998

squirrelsGrey squirrels are coming together in pairs in the city park, a prelude to their follow-my-leader pairing chases. There were few birds, other than a few blackbirds about.

Sneezewort is still in flower on a back street road edge with a Lavateria bush still in bloom in a nearby back yard. Between city flats, a pied wagtail patrols an expanse of lawn. sneezewort pied wagtail

Greasy Toughshank puts in another appearance, this time growing amongst the bark chipping laid around the shrubbery of the B&Q do-it-yourself store.toughshank

The flock of 20 plus Canada Geese comes ashore as the sun sets over the park duck pond.Thornes Park

Gorse is in flower on the sandstone scarp of Storrs Hill. Mild weather has probably encouraged the extra bloom.Storrs Hill

Richard Bell, wildlife illustrator

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