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house mouseyoung mouse MICE take advantage of the bird food and pet food on offer.

house mousehedgehog One even found it's way into the house, where it made itself at home. For the mouse, this was the best thing . . . since sliced bread. It found a way of plundering the bait in a live trap without ending up inside. But eventually it was caught, then released some distance away.

The Hedgehog is a more welcome visitor.

blackbird chick robin The garden pond attracts a fledgling Blackbird, while a Robin bathes in the miniature waterfall.

It's remarkable how much wildlife this garden, within a few yards of one of the main roads into Wakefield, attracts. These are just a few of the wild visitors captured on camera. My thanks to Doreen the photographer (and mouse-relocator).

Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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