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Pheasant at the Bird Table

Saturday, 15th December 2001, West Yorkshire

pheasant LIKE A WILDLIFE Christmas card coming to life, a magnificent cock Pheasant strolls up past the pond and with measured pace struts across the lawn. It's as if he owns the place. He stands on the patio and peers in at us. I get the feeling that if the patio windows were open he'd walk in and join us for breakfast.

He gives himself a shake and his glossy copper plumage shimmers. His head and neck are iridescent green in contrast to the red wattles around his eyes. From this close view we can also see his ear tufts, like two little green horns extending from his eyebrows.

pheasant He flaps up and perches on top of the bird table - he's too large to stand on it - surveys next door's garden across the hedge, then launches himself down the lawn, fanning his tail so that he looks like a flying page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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