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red grouse

Brimham in the Mist

Monday, 3rd December 2001, North Yorkshire

SUCH A CONTRAST from my last visit to Brimham Rocks during the long sunny days of the August Bank Holiday. Gone is the carnival atmosphere as families enjoy exploring the rocks. The warmth of colour of weathered sandstone has turned to misty grey. Today the rocks remind me of the granite torrs of Dartmoor.

I take a walk around the moor. Red Grouse are calling and I see two sitting on rocks surveying the landscape.

A misty pool of sunlight illuminates distant Nidderdale. Framed by rock and cloud there's what appears to be a vapour trail rising skywards. At a second glance it is a wet road glistening in the sun climbing the slope on the far side of the page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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