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Teetering on the Tarmac

Sunday, 11th February 2001, West Yorkshire

female blackbird A FEMALE BLACKBIRD turns over the weedy debris at the edge of her pond. We wonder if she's collecting moss for an early nest, but she seems more intent on picking up any insects that she might turn up.

pied wagtailpied wagtail It's not so easy to imagine what a lone Pied Wagtail might be after. It has the entire school playground to itself today and it teeters about the tarmac picking up items of food that must be almost microscopic.

snowdrops There's a soft mist-like drizzle over the valley but the mildness gives the morning a real feel of spring. Snowdrops are at their bests, in drifts across the gardens. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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