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Wednesday, 21st March 2001, West Yorkshire

kestrel A KESTREL flies in to land on a branch of the big ivy-clad Ash tree overlooking the meadow. I sketch it using the telescope, which I've left set up on the desk. At this distance you certainly get a lot more detail with the telescope than you do with binoculars. I can see its intent gaze, its moustachial stripe. The primary feathers of its wings stretch almost to the end of its tail.

kestrel After preening for a few moments it flies down towards the meadow but gets up again without having caught anything. A pigeon suddenly takes flight, probably in alarm.

Kessie Meanwhile, in the meadow below 'Kessie', the Welsh pony, continues to graze.

It's been cold all day. Sparse icy sleet soon turns to flakes of snow. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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