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Moon Moth

Tuesday, 17th July 2001, West Yorkshire

moonmoth.gif - 11582 Bytes THIS MOTH, found in a garden in Ossett, West Yorkshire, has a seven inch (17 cm) wingspan. It's a Moon Moth, probably the Indian Moon Moth, Actias selene, which ranges from India to Japan. The adults have no mouthparts and live no more than a week or two.

They are often reared by enthusiasts, which no doubts explains its presence here.

moon moth female This is a female; she has smaller antennae than the male, which is more brightly coloured and which has swept back, falcate, forewings. Both sexes have long swallowtail streamers, but these have probably been pecked by birds or lost in general wear and tear. The female lays 250-300 eggs. The caterpillars accept a wide range of foodplants including Rhodendron, Hawthorn, Oak, Lilac and page

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