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Summer Night by the Canal

Monday 30th July 2001, West Yorkshire

canalWE TAKE an evening walk through the summer landscape of the valley. The Field Rose, which was just coming into full bloom when we last walked this way a week or two ago, has now lost its flowers and the hips are starting to develop. On the slope below Hartley Bank, they're cutting the hay, turning it into bails, rather than bagging it in black plastic.

bailing straw I recently heard of a local farm being described as 'eyesore'. This particular farm is barely 20 years old. Its barns are prefabricated. Old containers, apparently used for storage, are dotted around the yard. It certainly isn't the traditional farm of the storybooks. But in this evening light, with its grain silo gleaming in the golden sunlight against a side-lit cloudscape, it's transformed and it looks as if it belongs there. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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