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Grey Heron, Blue Skies

Monday 27th August 2001, West Yorkshire

grey heron IT'S A PERFECT August Bank Holiday morning; as quiet as Christmas Day, but warmer, and with a clear blue sky. As we eat breakfast out on the patio, a Heron flaps up from the stream and with some effort flaps up over the trees and flies off up the valley.

White-tail It's good to see that 'White-tail' the Blackbird which has had a territory in our garden, off and on, since the spring of 1999 is still around. Last time we saw him, some weeks ago, he'd lost some of the short feathers on the back of his head, but I'm glad to say they've now regrown, and he looks as neat and alert as ever. If only my hair would regrow like that.

out of control ornamental in the pond As I mentioned the other day, with all our other commitments, the garden is beginning to run away with itself. The pond is now entirely covered with an ornamental water plant which I now need to pull out to allow birds and courgetteinsects access to the water.

Recent rains have brought on the Courgettes which now have marrow-sized fruits. next page

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