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Monday, 7th October 2002, West Yorkshire

pale brown gill fungusJobson Wood, Woolley A small cluster of these pale brown fungi grow by the path near the top edge of Jobson Wood, at Woolley Edge. It's the sort of nondescript mushroom that you see everywhere but can never put a name to. I've looked right through one book already and can't see anything quite like it.

The only distinctive feature is that peppering of brown scales around the umbo (the boss or knob) on top of the cap.

I look right through one of my fungus books but this kind of brownish mushroom or toadstool is difficult to pin down. The two names that came to mind, brown roll-rim and greasy toughshank, don't seem to fit. I attempt to take a spore print but by then the cap has dried out too much and I don't get any useful result.

This is the stage where I need to find a friend who knows about fungi . . .next page

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