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blue tit

Band of Blue Tits

Sunday, 17th November 2002, West Yorkshire

stone wallchaffinchThe double white wingbars of the chaffinch provide one of the few bright spots on another damp, grey, drizzly day. The rain-streaked stone walls and tree trunks are dark dull mottled green, the colour of an old weather-beaten waxed-cotton Barbour jacket. Fishermen at their Sunday angling contest are lined up along the towpath as a row of green umbrellas fading off into the misty gloom.

hawthorn berries treecreeperOnce again the canal-side hawthorns provide a foraging ground for small flocks of blue tits. Following them along the lower stems there's a single treecreeper. It follows some of the branches up until they arc outwards and I get the impression it might be exploring these overhanging surfaces partly in order to take a break from the continuing rain which hangs as a large silver drop on every hawthorn page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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