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long-tailed tit

Robin Singing

Tuesday, 5th February 2002, West Yorkshire

robin A ROBIN sings from a bush by the Balk. Down by the canal another sings from a hawthorn by the towpath.

long-tailed tits Long-tailed Tits in a bush nearby are calling. The sound reminds me a little of a baby's small plastic rattle.

Honey Fungus

honey fungus I'm surprised to see a dozen little toadstools of Honey Fungus growing in a terra cotta pot we planted with herbs last year by the back door. We must have used wood chippings in the pot, or there must have been wood chippings in the compost we used because this fungus grows on dead and sometimes on living timber.

Wood infected by this fungus is said to glow in the dark so perhaps we don't need a porch light by the back door.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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